Engagement rings are special as they are the symbol of love. You may have thought about this beautiful piece of jewelry for years before actually reaching a stage in life when you are ready to buy it. You may buy it on your own or take your partner along to select the best pair that is memory of the lifetime. Buying unique gemstone engagement rings is every person’s dream as it will make their love and commitment unique. If you are planning to purchase your ring online then here is the ultimate guide that would help you a ton. 


When buying online, reliability and quality becomes a major concern. You don’t want unwanted surprises afterwards and this is the reason you need to find the reliable online store to make your purchase. There are many online shops selling quality products at reasonable rates. You can find these sellers by checking customer reviews and genuine testimonials. Taking reference from friends and family is also a good idea as you get trusted products. 


As far as quality is concerned, you may look for the certification. Most gemstones are offered with certification. These certificates are the mark of quality. They would mention carat, cut, and clarity in these certificates. If the seller is not giving the certificate, then it is time to rethink your buying decision. Also compare the actual gemstone with the one shown in the certificate. These certificates have the picture of gemstone and you can compare your ring stone with the picture to ensure that the certificate is genuine. 


Measurement becomes a major concern when buying online. You can either get your measurements checked at your local store or follow the size guide to find out the exact size. Some online stores also offer try on services, where you can try dummy piece at home and if satisfied then order online. You can avail this service by selecting few pieces and then ordering them for try-on. Some online stores also have their physical store outlet to try the dummy pieces before ordering. Find out such stores online to make things easier. 


It is good to order on time as you want your consignment to reach you much before the special day. You will need extra time to make the returns if and re-order if something goes wrong. Find out the shipping policies. Shipping time is more in case of custom made jewelry compared to ready pieces. Certain exclusive designs will take considerably longer time as they source special gemstones and then get it designed by expert artisans. Keep enough time in hand to avoid last-minute surprises. 

Also check the return policies and other payment terms before finalizing the product. This is your decision of lifetime and you don’t want to ruin the romance due to wrong decion of engagement ring. Follow your instincts and buy the best ring that you will cherish for lifetime as this is the day you waited for so long.