With gold prices to be the greatest ever previously 3 decades, there are lots of cash for gold scams available. To prevent the dreaded scams and also to safeguard you like a customer this is a guide on which to, and just what to not look for.


Locate a street address that the organization insists upon send your gold to. Will it seem as an office or perhaps a warehouse? If so then it is more probably to become legitimate, if however it appears as though an ordinary house number and road name then you may be delivering your scrap gold straight to a fraudster. Keep in mind that PO Box addresses are generally utilized by these businesses, as security to safeguard the position of the gold. This really is perfectly normal.

Conditions and terms

Search for these around the company’s website – make certain read them through before saying yes to transmit your gold. Search for any inconsistencies and find out exactly what the policy is that if they’re saying to ‘not receive’ your package. Note: the very best factor to complete when delivering your package is to get it as signed/recorded delivery, this method for you to prove that the organization did receive your item(s). A few of the major firms that provide you with cash for gold will give you this for you personally.

Determine or no deductions are created for administration and postage, as numerous companies don’t tell you just how the cost online isn’t the final cost you’ll be compensated. Inquire if they could make you a deal for the gold that you could consider, before choosing to sell.

Karat and cost

Look into the karat of the gold the greater this will make it the greater you’re going to get. 24 karat may be the purest type of gold with many jewellery being 18 karat. You can examine how your gold may be worth by going to the local jewellers and becoming various quotes. One factor to keep in mind would be that the cost for gold changes daily to get different quotes on several days – the very best factor to complete would be to keep current using the cost of gold by searching on the internet or searching in the paper.


There might be a lot of reasons why you need to sell gold you’ve in your house, only one factor you can’t return may be the sentimental attachment you need to it. When deciding things to sell consider regardless of whether you: put on it, like it and would miss it – if the solution to these 3 questions isn’t any you’ll be able to be reassured that it’s the right choice. This protects you against selling something sentimental that you might never have any money for should the organization you select be considered a scam.