It’s time for a new pair of eyeglasses? It’s simpler than you would expect to learn how to purchase glasses online. This brief tutorial will assist you with every stage of the process, from choosing the perfect frames to inputting the necessary information about your prescription. Continue reading to find out how to purchase eyeglasses on the internet. Shop with confidence and get the advantages of online frame purchases.

Know your measurements and prescriptions

Having a documentation of your eyeglass prescription from an optometrist is necessary. If you don’t have a prescription, make an appointment with your eye doctor for an eye exam.

You should keep in mind that contact lenses and prescription glasses frames come in a variety of different strengths. What if you’re not sure whether you need glasses? Visit our simple guide to learn how to read your eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions.

Make sure you measure your Pupillary Distance (PD) before making an online purchase to ensure that your new glasses give you with the best possible vision. Your optometrist can perform this for you if you choose, but it’s up to you whether or not you do it yourself.

You should also have the measurements of your eyeglasses on hand. Finding a new pair of spectacles that fits like a glove is as simple as taking measurements of your old ones. Your eyeglass or sunglasses temples are a good place to begin.

Secondly, use the size filter

There is an option in the menu that allows you to input the dimensions of your vooglam glasses. When you use this filter, you’ll only see eyeglasses with lenses that are the exact same size as what you need them to be.

Measuring specs

  • Decide on a look that suits you best.
  • Pick out your eyeglasses.

Having a large selection of eyeglasses to pick from is one of the many advantages of purchasing your eyewear online. Check out our large selection of brands, frame sizes and shapes, and colours to discover the right pair for you.

You’re not sure whether a certain style is right for you. Three things to keep in mind while you narrow down your options:

What kind of glasses would look best on my face? Finding the perfect pair of glasses for your face shape is as simple as figuring out what kind of facial shape you have (heart, round, oval, square, etc.). Check out our useful guide on face shapes to help you pick your glasses if you need a little assistance choosing glasses that fit your face.

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As soon as you know the frame forms that best complement your face shape, you may choose a style that best suits your personal preferences. Do you like a vintage-inspired frame or a more contemporary one? You have complete freedom to make your decision, so go for it!

It’s best to mix and match a couple distinct looks. We like having a basic pair for daily usage, as well as two extra pairs that may be worn for a different style. Choose “Turtle” from the colours to further reduce your search results if you’re searching for a pair with a tortoiseshell design.

Choose your contact lenses here

Got your eye on a certain mug? When purchasing eyeglasses online, the last step is to choose your lenses. You may choose from a variety of possibilities. This means that whatever your vision care requirements, you’ll be able to discover an answer.

Prescription sunglasses may be customized to meet your individual requirements based on factors such as your prescription, the kind of lens being used, and your personal preferences. Scratch-resistant coating is applied to all lenses. That way, you won’t have to be concerned about glare obscuring your eyesight.

Your lenses can be even thinner and lighter if you opt for high-index lenses, which are available in air-thin, air-thin advanced and air-thin ultra-thin varieties.

A pair of digitally shielded lenses like the vooglam glasses may also be ordered for persons who spend a lot of time in front of digital devices on a regular basis. This is a great option if you spend a lot of time on the computer, on your phone, or in front of the television.

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Entering your eyeglasses dimensions, picking a style, and selecting lenses is the most difficult element of purchasing eyewear online. After finding the right pair, it’s time to check out. Enter your mailing address and payment method in the fields provided.

Your new glasses will arrive in about two weeks. Then all you have to do is put them on and you’ll be able to see well and look fantastic!

  • Following your online purchase of glasses,
  • After purchasing your eyeglasses,

Any queries or complaints you may have will be promptly addressed by a member of our customer care staff. Additional one-on-one help may also be requested at any moment throughout your shopping experience.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so if you need to exchange or return your shoes, please contact us. When it comes to the fit, style, lens type, and placement of your prescription in the frame, our return policy allows for free returns for 60 days from the delivery date.


Having learnt all you need to know about online eyeglass shopping, you’re ready to go. With our wide variety of designs, brands, and pricing, you’re sure to find the ideal frames. There is a new pair of shoes out there for you.