Through fashion and interior designing one can express oneself to the World. The economic and social background of a person has an influence on that person’s fashion sense. And it is undeniable that a person who loves to wear fashionable and trendy clothes will also prefer to make an aesthetic vibe in their place of dwelling. Both the fashion and interior designers make a way for its client so that they can freely express themselves through their clothes or through the decoration of their house. There are people who say that we should not ever judge a person’s mentality by someone’s clothing and house, but it is also true that the cloth and organization of one’s house reflect one’s personality. In the present scenario, people love to express themselves through clothes.  

Just like the way people are pouring their love and money into fashionable clothes, they are also getting attracted to beautifully decorated and organized houses. As most of the population is employed in today’s generation standard of living of people is gradually getting high which is making a powerful impact on their preferences and choices. Both are matters of creativity have both similarities and dissimilarities between them.

The key difference between fashion and interior design is that fashion designers deal with the plan and design of clothes and accessories while an interior designer mainly plans and decors a house and other buildings to beautify it. An interior designer’s design mainly depends on the type of the place where interior design is needed and the demand of its client. 

Choosing an appropriate colour is very vital either for an outfit or for the walls, curtains, and other things of a house. Colour creates an impression just like bright colours give an aura of happiness and a positive vibe in that way dull colours give a vibe of sadness. Colours carry a very strong connection with a person’s inner self. Both fashion and interior designers are very specific about colour, fashion design institute provides special training to their students on the colour wheel. Just like the colour of a particular outfit gives an impression of a person, it is very important for home decoration as well, as colour hues make a huge influence on a person’s mood and feeling. Choosing an appropriate colour can be stressful sometimes, for that reason a strong grasp of colour variation is needed. 

An interior designer’s work depends on the client’s taste. They have to follow certain structural and safety guidelines. A fashion designer’s design depends on a person’s personal talent and level of creativity. There is a basic difference in the material used in interior and fashion design, a material used in the interior should have more longevity than in fashion design. The materials used in fashion sometimes do not last long but this can’t happen in interior design or it will make a bad effect on that designer’s career, materials used should be of good quality.  

Both fashion and interior designing are good career options. Both designers have challenges adventures and success in their paths of careers, and both bring out their skills of creativity to people’s eyes. Interior designing institute in Kolkata, INIFD Saltlake makes its students train with both theoretical and pragmatic knowledge. So, after a student passes out of college don’t face that many difficulties to work in the actual field.