Hooray, it’s almost Halloween again. This is the time to dress up and have some fun. Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. There is a good chance that your (babysitting) child will be invited to a Halloween party or a parade. Very nice, but are you going to buy an expensive Halloween costume that will probably be too small next year? Not necessary. Making your own Halloween Costumes doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Making a Mummy Suit from Strips of Cloth

The mummy costume is perfect for Halloween. It also doesn’t look homemade or clunky at all, while all you have to do is wrap your child in strips of fabric. The best thing is when you can find bandages or fabric that is a bit gray or brown, so that your child really looks like a mummy. This mummy suit is suitable for all ages. Leave the face free to make the costume less scary.

  • All you need are a few white sheets that can be broken, a white shirt (preferably with a turtleneck) and white tights. How to make your mummy costume:
  • Cut a notch on one side of the sheet, and then pull the fabric strips to make it look like you have bandaged pieces.
  • For an aged and dingy effect, place the bars in a pan of boiling tea water, then smear some paint over them. Then you dry the strips of fabric in the dryer.
  • Then tie 4 or 5 bars together.

Have your child put on his or her shoes and put the white tights over them. Start wrapping at the feet; Not too loose but not too tight either. Then work your way up. If you use a shirt with a turtleneck, no fabric needs to be wrapped around the neck. Then finish it off with some white and dark face paint, and your mummy suit is ready. For demon slayer cosplay Costumes  you can be sure.

Make Your Own Ghost Costume

Perhaps the easiest costume to make yourself: the ghost costume. All you need for the basics is an old sheet. Cut holes in it for eyes and mouth and throw it over your head. Your basic ghost suit is then ready. Want to make it even more beautiful? That’s how you do that:

  • Fold the sheet in half, make two recesses under the arms (mark these) and cut them out. Then sew the arms closed again. May be done with coarse stitches (and maybe with white felt pieces, for an extra ghostly effect).
  • Make the eyes and mouth from black felt. You stick it on the “head” of the ghost. Cut out the inner rings so that your child can breathe.
  • For the rest, you can decorate your ghost suit however you like. With holes or fraying and you’re done.

The sleeves may also remain quite long, which gives an extra ghostly effect. You can even tear the ends of the sleeves a bit; the same goes of course for the “dress”. If the wind blows a bit, it gets extra spooky.  Would you rather keep your child’s face free? Then you can also make a recess for his or her head to pass through. You can make your child extra spooky with white and black make-up, and put on a white hat, for example.