As you live your life every single day, you also try not to do anything embarrassing. Unfortunately, some incidents can happen just when you least expect them to, such as when the zipper on your pants decides to do things of its own will.

But things can become even more challenging if you are the one who relays the message to someone else. After all, how will you stop it from turning into a tricky situation for both parties?

To prevent any awkwardness and embarrassment on your part and that of the other person, here are some tips on how to tell someone their zipper is down.

Say No to Rudeness

Everyone has been in an embarrassing dilemma like having your zipper down on your pants. The easiest way to deal with the situation is to go back to the age-old adage of treating people in the same way you want them to treat you.

Avoid being rude as you inform them of their unlucky mishap. Try to be as courteous as you can, particularly when it concerns something as sensitive as this.

Always Make Eye Contact

Avoid bringing any additional attention to the awkward situation by looking down below and telling the other person that their zipper is down. When you do this, the person may accuse you of staring, worsening an already tense situation.

What you should do instead is to look at them straight into their eyes and tell them in a kind and respectful way that their zipper is down. With any luck, they won’t take any offense to it, just zip it up, and continue their day as if nothing happened.

Keep It Low

You surely wouldn’t want someone to yell something embarrassing about you to the point that everyone can hear. The best thing you can do is pull them to the side and inform them about the situation quietly. There are even times when you don’t even need to utter any words at all, especially considering you can also do it using nonverbal cues.

What Can You Say Instead?

Now that you got some idea of the things you can do if you see someone who has their fly down, this time, you should learn a few sentences you can use to say it subtly.

  1. Do you feel an extra breeze?”
  2. Forget something?”
  3.  “Hey buddy, not on the first date.
  4. You probably should shut that window.

Of course, you can still use other additional ways to add a touch of comedy to this awkward situation. However, unless you know the other person well, it would be better to just play it safe and keep things casual. After all, you never know if the other person will take the joke negatively.

The thing about zippers   is that they can be very tricky at times and embarrassing at worse. Use these tips and avoid any awkwardness the next time you see someone with a fly down.