If you are planning any event, it has become very exciting. However, it seems to have become an overwhelming experience when you start things on time. Choosing the banquet hall while considering the critical conditions that are seen coming up in event planning. With the event planner, when you check banquet halls and finally sit with the right shape, you need to check the size. Well, the fact is, while checking different banquets in Delhi, you are supposed to check the size of the same. Let’s check it in the following paragraphs: 

The first thing you do is to understand the game of size in banquets. First things first, face this as the first big question as what should be the right size for any banquet hall? To begin with, let’s understand what is the right size of banquet hall? To start with, remember there is not a perfect size when it comes to a banquet hall. You will not find any golden rule to adhere with. This would depend on the size and nature of your event. If you have a long list of guests in your mind then you have to check the size accordingly. If you have a limited number of guests to call, small size banquets in Delhi would do. 

Now, the next question, how can you calculate the right banquet halls’ size? On an average, every guest would need a space of around 8 square feet. However, if you are considering a sit down dinner option on your big day, you can have the list of 10 to 14 square feet in order to accommodate the chairs and tables. You need to multiply with the total number of expected guests and then check out the rough idea as per the size. At the same time, you need to check what you are offering your wedding day. If you also need a dance floor or need to call a DJ for the same, you have to come up with the extra space. 

Now, our moot question, why is the right size so vital? If you talk about the right size it has to all the banquets halls that can easily accommodate the number of guests you invite. Any hall that remains too big or small may not be the right size for you as it can keep your guests uncomfortable. If you are checking some small size banquets in Delhi, then you need to go for them only if you have limited guests. They are perhaps the best one can consider while smiling with great happiness and thus are seen going with the banquet hall as it remains the smart choice.

On the contrary, the bigger the banquets Halls, the higher the cost. This is an important point to consider. If you do not have a long list of guests, it is always recommended to consider small size banquet halls and then you have to book the right one. If you are required to discuss the best for your event, you can seek the help of experienced people and then go with the right one.