It is rightly said – Cancun beach weddings never go out of trend. The beautiful landscape with blue and turquoise waters can truly make your wedding day magical. However, unlike other weddings, when it comes to planning a beach wedding, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. Amongst everything else, you even need to figure out your wedding look. Surely you want to look gorgeous for your big day, but it is best if you think meticulously, especially about your hairstyle.

The strong ocean breeze and humidity of coastal areas can make your hair messy quickly. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you cancel the entire idea of having a beach wedding. Besides, to help you, here we have discussed some important beach wedding hair styling tips. Keep reading to understand how you can manage your hair better on your wedding day.

However, before we begin, you must understand the importance of a wedding planner when it comes to planning Cancun weddings. Experienced wedding planners like Riviera Cancun Weddings can help you plan, coordinate and execute one of the most important days of your life. They have many different vendors working with them, and so whatever it is that you need, surely they can arrange.

Now, let’s discuss how you can ensure your hair looks flawless on your wedding day…

Tips concerning beach wedding hairstyles

1. Let your surroundings inspire you

You can incorporate the beach theme in your wedding in plenty of ways, and this includes your hairstyle too. First off, the beach wedding setup is not as formal as a church or venue wedding is. So, when it is a casual affair, why not style your hair accordingly? Opt for some relaxed hairstyle and consider some hairstyling ideas that involve braids, soft waves, etc.

2. Work with a local stylist

You would surely like to bring along your stylist to your Cancun wedding, but remember, working with a local stylist will prove to be more advantageous. They are used to the weather, as well as they have the experience of creating beach wedding looks around the year. To ensure nothing goes wrong at the last moment, it is best if you arrive a week or 5 days before your wedding, and take a hair trial with your local stylist.

3. Keep your hair type and the climate in mind

Cancun has a tropical, humid, and hot climate around the year. Such a climate can have a big impact on your hair, especially if they are curly or prone to frizz. So, try to keep an open mind about the hairstyles that you can pick. Don’t simply pick a style and stick to it. Follow your hair stylist’s advice and surely you will look great.

Some hairstyles worth considering are:

  • Loose curls with a beaded pin or brooch
  • Vintage hair with a veil
  • Braid & curls with s veil
  • Waves with a long veil
  • Braided hair with pins
  • Fishtail braids in a bun
  • Ponytail with a tiara

Your hair will look flawless if your hairstylist is experienced and talented. So, ensure working with a good stylist. If you are wondering how to find one, it is simple – take reference from your wedding planner. The team of Riviera Cancun Weddings can help you get in touch with many good hairstylists in the city. So, contact them using their Linkedin profile today.