Cherry In this video, Snow, a Halloween costume specialist, gives tips on everything from selecting the right outfit to perfecting your Halloween face paint.

The fine print is important, so don’t skip it

It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting when you get a costume, both in terms of the main pieces and any optional additions. So that “no surprises” occur, Snow continues, “we are quite diligent to define and clarify everything that is contained.” This is done so that “no surprises” occur. Make sure you know the store’s return/exchange policy before you buy anything. There is no exception; this rule applies to all retail goods.

Provide a weather prediction.

Before making any major purchases on October 31, consider the potential weather conditions. Snow suggests that young ladies layer their skirt costumes with a leotard and tights to protect their legs from the cold. Both boys and girls may stay toasty this Halloween by donning a long-sleeved T-shirt beneath their Kissy Missy Costume options.

Possess the right level of expertise.

Remember that “children’s size 4-6” is a reference to the clothing size, not an age range, Snow says. Generally speaking, women’s costumes are sized according to dress sizes, whereas men’s costumes are sized according to jacket sizes.

Get your shopping done ahead of time. Don’t wait until the last minute to order your Halloween costume online. Snow claims that most parents plan ahead and buy matching clothing for their newborn. If you do decide to shop ahead of time, consider the baby’s age on Halloween and choose a costume accordingly. Baby and infants fall under this category as well. Snow also suggests not waiting to find adult and teen outfits. The same is true for this item.

Give it a shot. To avoid any last-minute panic on October 31, take the outfit out of its packing as soon as possible. You should steam or iron the outfit before putting it on. The trick, Snow says, is to “approach a Halloween costume like an outfit for a large party.” You’ll get the most out of it if you do it this way, they said.

Money may be saved by using makeup as a money saver

Do you find yourself in need of more funds? Makeup may be a useful tool for making the same Halloween costume seem quite different if you plan on visiting many parties on the same night. Makeup application and removal should be done in accordance with all guidelines, as recommended by Snow. ” And before you put it on, make sure it’s hypoallergenic.

Get some more accessories and you’ll have additional options. If you want to look different from night to night while still wearing the same clothes, Snow says all you need to do is change your headwear or gloves. Additionally, it is more economical to incorporate a range of accessories than than purchasing two separate outfits.

Prepare in advance with drills

Allow yourself plenty of time to get ready and buy enough cosmetics to last you two uses. Snow recommends practising your Halloween makeup a day or two (or a weekend) before the big event. Make sure the costumes are secure, and this will assist make sure your makeup looks amazing on the big night!