Hair Colouring is an amazing process wherein you get to select a hair colour by determining your skin tone, undertone, personality, etc. By colouring our hair, we definitely get a transformed look. But a certain sense and level of confidence also come in us. So, what is hair colouring, and what are the benefits of the same?

Look, we know that natural hair shades are the best but after some time one gets bored of their look. For instance, you have naturally black tresses. After some time, they become dull and tend to lose lustre. In such a situation, hair colours help in not only colouring but also restoring the shine and lustre to them. Hair colours also add a certain thickness and volume to the tresses that protect them from free radicals. Our hair is majorly affected by external factors. Thus, it is extremely important to take care of them. It is possible when we take care of our hair.

Hair colours breathe life into our dull tresses and make them look amazing. Your entire look is changed just by adding a hair colour. Isn’t that amazing? If you have naturally black tresses, it is good that you go for beautiful highlights of brown or burgundy shade. They will make you look just perfect.

Now, when it comes to hair colouring, how do we select the right shade for us? Well, it’s simple. There are a variety of tests that we can undertake to determine our skin tone and undertone. One of the simplest tests is the vein test. Vein Test includes closely observing your veins. If you have green-coloured veins, then you have a warm undertone. If you have blue-coloured veins, then you have a cool undertone. If you can’t decide the colour of your vein, this means that you have a neutral undertone. Once you determine your undertone, selecting colours becomes easy.

For instance, with a warm undertone, shades like brown, caramel, ice brown, etc., look good. Similarly, with a cool undertone, shades like purple, red, mahogany, burgundy, etc., look good. You must discuss as to which colour you should choose to colour your tresses. Now, once you decide the colour with which you want to go, the next essential thing is the hair dye. Today, many hair dyes are infused with harsh chemicals that irritate the scalp and make our strands weak and brittle. In such a situation, it is important to have a natural hair dye that minimises hair damage.

One such dye is Godrej Hair Colour Shampoo. It is an instant hair dye infused with Amla, Reetha, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, etc., that conditions your strands and leaves colour as you wash off the shampoo. This is an amazing hair dye to go for when you do not wish to spend much time in the salons. Just take this shampoo hair colour and dye your hair the way you want. This shampoo is best for people who wish to colour their hair within minutes. You can also try other Godrej hair dyes. They are also 100% natural and treat many hair issues such as split ends, dandruff, hair damage, etc.

Now that you know the benefits and importance of hair colouring, let us look at some of the best hair shades that you must try to give your hair a perfect look.

Best Hair Colours – Because Colour Matters

Hair colouring is done to transform our look and elevate our appearance. There are a lot of colours to choose from. But we must only select colours that suit us. Below are some of the best hair colours to try this season. Have a look!

  1. Auburn Highlights

If you have dark hair, we have got one of the best hair colours for you. Auburn is a trendy hair shade that spices up and elevates your entire look. Just try some reddish-brown highlights and you see that your entire look has been changed. This shade adds the warmth of brown and the pop of red to your hair, thereby giving you shiny and luscious locks. Try out this hair shade and give your locks a stunning appearance. Try it out now!

  1. Partial Caramel Highlights

Warm colours are a never-ending trend. They give our hair a beautiful look. One such shade is caramel. Paired with black hair, this shade is bound to turn heads as you walk in! Caramel is a versatile hair colour that improves your hair texture and makes your face look glowy. This shade enhances your facial features and gives a flattering effect to your tresses. So, go all-natural with this amazing hair colour. Style your hair in beach waves so that the hair colour is evident. Try this stunning shade now!

  1. Dark Chocolate Hair

Chocolate isn’t just amazing to eat but to apply as well! No, we are not talking about face masks! Dark chocolate hair colour is an ongoing trend for ladies who wish to stay ‘natural.’ Two-tone dark chocolate hair colour adds depth and dimension to your locks and makes them look absolutely gorgeous. This hair colour is for women who love the minimal coloured look. This is a reflected hair shade, i.e., it will reflect certain colours under lights. This shade will look best with long tresses. So, make your hair look voluminous and trendy with this chocolate hair shade.

  1. Sandy Blonde Hair Shade

A lighter shade of blonde is here to spice up all the things! Hair colour trends of 2022 are all about giving a twist to your regular, dull look. The sandy blonde hair shade is a grey colour to enhance and refresh your style. This hair shade is here to give you all the summery feels, no matter what the season is! Try the balayage hair colouring technique with this hair shade and style your hair in waves to give them a more dimensional look. Try this stunning shade now!

  1. Warm Espresso Hair Shade

A shade of brown to warm you up! Warm espresso hair colour is a stunning shade of brown that shows the calmer side of you! This is a simple and chic shade that transforms your overall look and gives you an amazing look. This is a low-maintenance shade that will provide you with a beautiful look. Try out this hair shade and enhance your complexion and facial features to get an alluring look!

  1. Pearl Blonde Hair Shade

A shade of blonde to light you up! As the name suggests, the pearly blonde shade gives your hair a luxurious and rich look. This shade looks absolutely stunning when paired with a beige hair shade. Both the shades blend effortlessly to give you an elevated look. Try the balayage hair colouring technique to give your hair a gorgeous look. Try it out now!

So, these are some of the best hair colours that you can try this season. Hair colouring is a fantastic experience and trust us; you will enjoy it! As far as hair colours are concerned, it is best to go with natural hair dyes. Godrej Hair Colour Shampoo is a fabulous instant dye that adds colour to your hair within five minutes. This hair dye is infused with organic ingredients that minimise hair damage while adding shine and volume to your tresses. Try out the five amazing shades of this dye and tell us which one you liked the most.