The famous Air Jordan 1 High Chicago has iconic colors, making it easier to blend in different outfits. Besides its historic colorway, it can even bring versatility and style. But how can you flaunt it perfectly without losing its appeal? Find out here.

The Jordan 1 High Chicago is undoubtedly among the best sneakers of all time. The sneaker is made of white, red, and black leather. Also, its color scheme pays homage to Michael Jordan’s time with the Chicago Bulls. Since its debut, the sneaker has been a wardrobe mainstay for people and celebrities worldwide.

To have a total blast wearing Air Jordan 1 High Chicago, here are the typical styles you can do.

1 – Wear Your Retro Highs with Regular Trousers

We get the need to show off your new Air Jordans. But it may make your look stuffed when you pair jeans with Jordans. Plus, big shoes may easily overpower the outfit, resulting in an odd and uneven look.

Therefore, wearing regular trousers will give a much more balanced on-feet impression. You may save your skinny jeans for more modest low-top silhouettes.

2 – Experiment with Texture 

Distressed denim and corduroy are both excellent materials to pair with the Jordan 1 High Chicago. Bringing texture to your attire adds an impression to your sneakers. It also helps the sneakers stand out more and grants your outfit with that x-factor.

3 – Wearing with Shorts

Jordans with shorts is a hotly debated topic, but some believe you can’t wear Jordans with shorts at all. Nevertheless, like every dress code, there’s always a fashion hack!

The key to making your favorite Jordan look good with shorts is to avoid shorts that are either skinny or too long. The predicament is that if your shorts are too long, then your legs will look short. On the other hand, you may wear shorts that end just above the knee to make yourself look taller.

4 – Wear Oversized Tops

Keep in mind that Jordans are bulky shoes. So, while styling your outfit, make sure that your feet don’t look oversized.

You may try adding some volume to the top of your clothing to compensate. If you don’t want to wear an oversized t-shirt, layering is a great way to achieve the same effect.

Wrapping Up

With so many outfits to wear with Jordans, it can be tricky to choose the best attire to effortlessly show off Jordan Chicago 1s.

As discussed above, you can enjoy a few ways to style your Jordan 1 High ChicagoIf you are looking to rock your look with this fantastic pair, visit Hype Your Beast today!